G-Suite for Business

I made a mistake. For the past 10+ years I have been using G-Suite email and apps for my casting studio businesses, but when I decided to launch my Web Development business I chose to use icloud email since I already had an unused josephbrundige at icloud email address. I figured that Apple would have comparable mail features to Google and that I would find the transition seamless. Wow, was I wrong. There are virtually no options within icloud mail and the interface is clunky and outdated. The first thing that stood out to me was that there is no option for conversation threading. A quick web search revealed that this is something that people have been complaining about for years and that Apple has failed to address.

The Solution!

I am in the process of moving everything over to G-Suite for business and will be switching to joe at joebrundige.com for email. For $5/month per user I get:

  • 30GB of email storage and 30GB of cloud storage
  • A beautiful, intuitive calendar system
  • Sheets, Docs, Hangouts and access to a bunch of other apps
  • Tons of customizations and settings to help your business run smoothly

Until Apple or another tech company ups their game, there really is no comparison to this service that I’ve seen. With that said, I am offering a special through January 15th . I will migrate your existing business mail (including personal accounts that you use for business like gmail or hotmail accounts) with up to 4 users to G-Suite for a flat rate of $150. This service includes:

  • changing domain name servers
  • setting up admin and user accounts
  • migrating old mail
  • setting up professional looking signatures with social media links
  • setting up web-app branding
  • answering questions about G-Suite apps and services included with their package

Finally, I am here for all your development,  technology, and design needs and questions. I have a team of freelance coders, artists and copywriters ready to bring your next online project to life! Here’s to a productive and efficient 2018.



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